SANI A.E. is one of the leading exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables. Its facilities are located in Northern Greece and are equipped with the most modern machines for sorting, packaging and cold maintenance.

The company's mission is to distribute the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The company's commitment to its mission is ensured by the excellent and permanent collaborations with selected suppliers and customers.

SANI A.E. exports all kinds of fruits and vegetables of the Greek land such as peaches, nectarines, grapes, plums and peppers during the summer months as well as apples, kiwis, oranges, tangerines, cucumbers, aubergines and tomatoes during the winter months.

Other main activities of the company are the trade and distribution of food, cleaning and hygiene items, in chains of retail stores, in hotel units, in catering centers and in organizations and bodies of the wider State.

The company specializes in the markets of Eastern Europe and mainly in the markets of Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the company is able to distribute its products with all available modes of transport, to any destination and with any commercial term.

7,5 km Veria - Naoussa,
591 00, Veria, Imathia (PO 48)
T +30 23310 93360 - 4
F +30 23310 93365